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Tim Lincecum silences catcalls, gets Giants closer to my dream World Series matchup.

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San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum can do whatever he wants.

If he wants to grow his hair so that it’s fourteen feet long, I’m into it—as long as he keeps winning.

Last night, Major League Baseball fans were treated to a semi-masterful performance by “The Freak” as he silenced the Phillie’s potent lineup for seven innings and struck out eight, including power-hitting first baseman Ryan Howard twice. For those not paying attention, Lincecum’s twenty-two strikeouts through his first two postseason starts ties a record set by the St. Louis Cardinals’ Bob Gibson way back in 1964. He’s also won seven of his last eight starts, including two postseason bids, a fitting cap to his unusually underwhelming 2010 regular season.

I couldn’t be more excited because I’ll be the first to admit it: I do not want another New York Yankees/Philadelphia Phillies matchup in the World Series.

I’ve been alive for twenty-five years and of those twenty-five years, the New York Yankees have appeared in the postseason fifteen times. Most of those appearances happened to occur during my formative years, and as someone from New Bedford, Massachusetts, I guess you could say I’m scarred. Knowing that the Yankees are an almost-lock to appear in the postseason means that there’s only three real postseason spots.

And recently, it seems, the Philadelphia Phillies have routinely occupied one of those three spots. It’s like Groundhog Day—things are predictable and boring and, as a result, I’m generally ho-hum about the postseason. Sure, a team like the Tampa Bay Rays pops in and makes its mark, but a year later, it’s the same old song and dance. It’s baseball’s version of a monopoly, and it makes for a poor experience for fans living outside of New York and Philadelphia.

So last night, I was dazzled, awed, even smitten, with Tim Lincecum’s performance. Even if he does look like a barely legal girl on the mound, I’ll latch onto anything he does, as long as it means that the Philadelphia Phillies don’t make the World Series and there’s still a chance of a Texas Rangers versus San Francisco Giants finale.

The television ratings would probably be lower than a Mormon’s blood alcohol level on a Sunday, but for me, the prospect of that matchup is exceedingly exhilarating.

Think about it: Tim Lincecum versus Cliff Lee in game one, C.J. Wilson versus Jonathan Sanchez in game two, Colby Lewis versus Matt Cain in game three, or some combination thereof. No, no pitcher tossed a postseason no-hitter, but that’s a damn good list of pitching matchups for die-hard baseball fans.

Something’s going to have to happen for this matchup to occur, however.

San Francisco’s offense is anemic. The Phillies’ big boppers haven’t gotten it going yet.

Add to that the relentless, unstoppable, just-when-you-think-you’ve-got-’em-they-beat-you New York Yankees, and my World Series dream matchup may be just that.

Still, I’ve got my fingers crossed.


Written by dylansharek

October 17, 2010 at 7:52 pm

San Fran’s Lincecum comes up short on no-hit bid against Padres.

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I’ll admit it. I thought the Giant’s Tim Lincecum was going to throw the season’s first no-no last night.

He was tossing against an anemic San Diego Padre’s lineup and from the MLB Network live look-ins, it was clear Lincecum was really dealing.

And when second baseman Juan Uribe made a diving stop up the first base gap in the fifth, I thought for sure it was in the bag.

Beautiful pitching, ugly hair.Yeah, it’s totally a leap of faith to proclaim a no-hitter in the fifth inning of a game, but this outing had all the trappings of one: Lincecum has a 1.43 career ERA against the Padres, his changeup was diving like its other occupation was dolphin, the defense was playing good behind him, and he was riding a hefty scoreless innings streak.

I had enough confidence in the 160 pound boy (let’s face it, he’s not even ready to be called a man yet) to call it in. When my girlfriend asked me to come to bed, I said, “Can’t. Inevitable no-hitter in progress. Meet you up there.” I didn’t even look away from the television.

She wasn’t happy.

One commercial break and four pitches later, the bid was over. And so was any chance I had of getting laid. Heir to the Padres’ royal throne, Tony Gwynn Jr., stroked an outside fastball into left field. Lincecum unraveled quickly thereafter, getting chased from the game mid-way through the seventh.

And the worst part is, if I have to choose between angering my girlfriend and watching Lincecum pitch again, I’d be hard up to make the “right” decision.

I have no doubt that Lincecum is going to be the most dominating pitcher of this era, barring any setbacks. I have no doubt that He (it looks good when you capitalize it) will throw a no-hitter, maybe even a perfect game. I have no doubt that He will be this year’s Cy Young award winner.

Come to think of it, it’s not really that hard of a choice.