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Where’s the coverage of the Mariano Rivera spitball incident?

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ESPN dedicated a brief article to it on its website.

The MLB Network didn’t mention it.

The official site of Major League Baseball acted as if nothing surfaced.

Today’s media has a tendency to squeeze every, last drop of juice out of a story that it can. Sportscenter is the epitome of that. The coverage of Brett Favre’s return last year is perhaps the best example.

Yesterday, ESPN featured a segment on Tennessee Titan’s coach Jeff Fisher. At a charity event on Tuesday, Fisher wore a Peyton Manning jersey, stating, “I just wanted to feel like a winner.” His team is 0-6. While the situation is worthy of a few laughs, it was brought up on every show and debated over. Would it effect his team? Was it the right thing to do?

It was a small piece of news, and got more time than it should have.

On the other hand, the Mariano Rivera spitball incident was, despite its tremendously controversial material, a blip on the big networks’ radars. Video had the game’s best closer spitting on, or near, a baseball. Still photos seemed to purport that the spit hit somewhere near the baseball.

Where was the coverage? Was it squashed before it got too big?

I smell conspiracy. Seriously.

Rivera looked awfully suspicious before spitting. He looked towards second, then peeked over towards third before hawking one in the general vicinity of the baseball. FOX then cut from the scene in quick fashion.

There’s a whole lot of attention on the blogosphere regarding the incident, the reactions ranging from: “Spitballs are thrown using vaseline, not spit!” to “Angels fans are f****** idiots.”

And my answers to that are as follows: A) The spitball is called the spitball for a very good reason and B) Yeah Angel’s fans may have latched onto something menial as the scapegoat for their performance against the Yankees, but they have the right to question the video.

But perhaps everyone is paying attention to the wrong aspect of this story.

And that is, where is the story?

Did the spit hit?

Did the spit hit?

Even if the spit didn’t hit the ball, per se, it certainly came close. To the naked eye, it looked like some of it hit Rivera’s hand. Anyone over the age of six can control where they spit, thus making this pretty explosive evidence that maybe, just maybe Rivera was trying to do something.

Major League Baseball released a statement hours after the video surfaced before clearing him of any wrongdoing. After that, it was water under the bridge.

Considering that MLB umpires have proven they can’t see much of anything (see: prior blog) and that the 45,000 fans in attendance were hundreds of feet away, what makes this news blasphemous enough to reduce it to a non-story?

I smell conspiracy.