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How to lose the American League Championship in two easy steps.

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1) Challenge Alex Rodriguez when you don’t have to.

2) Play horrible, non-fundamental defense.

Wow. How badly did the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim botch the last few innings of their 13 inning, 5-hour barn burner against the New York Yankees last night?

Idiot.First, Angel’s closer Brian Fuentes served a fastball on the outer half of the plate to Alex Rodriguez in the 11th. A-Rod ripped it to deep right field, just out of the reach of Bobby Abreu to tie the game. Why did he try to get a third consecutive fastball by Rodriguez when a pure waste pitch was the most desirable? He was lucky to have A-Rod at 0-2 and should have thrown a slider in the dirt or something above his head or something further out of the strikezone.

Fuentes doesn’t throw an eephus pitch, but I would have rather seen him try one of those than a no-movement fastball against one the game’s greatest hitters.

I will never understand the logic behind that pitch.

On that note, catcher Mike Napoli deserves some of the credit for the Angel’s loss. From the video, it was apparent that he and Fuentes were in agreement on the location and pitch selection.

Second, what was Maicer Izturis thinking when he tried to turn that grounder up the rightfield side into a double play? Sure, completing the double play gets the Angels out of the inning, but that’s not a double play ball. Especially when it’s put into the context of the American League Championship Series. The Angels get all kinds of attention for their fundamental baseball, but these last two games (5 errors) have been absolutely disastrous.

If Izturis gets just one out there, Ervin Santana would have faced the Yankee’s number nine hitter, Jorge Posada. Nothing but a clean hit gets him on base and considering the Yankee’s 0-for-8 with runners in scoring position last night, that’s a chance the Angels could have afforded to take.

And that brings me to my final point. Can we please, pretty please, start ignoring the value of the win-loss record?

Ervin Santana suffered the loss last night. Did he deserve it, though? Through 1.1 innings, he gave up three hits, all of them singles. His only mistake, truthfully, was inducing that fateful groundball to Izturis, by way of Melky Cabrera.

If anyone should have been credited with the Angels loss last night, it should be a combination of Brian Fuentes and Maicer Izturis.

Is there a way we can make that happen?

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