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After Cardinal’s elimination, a new battle begins.

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The Cardinals have been eliminated.Now that my beloved St. Louis Cardinals have made their not-so dramatic exit from the postseason, a new battle begins. The Battle of the Remote.

I watch baseball, any baseball, whenever I can. When the MLB Network shows classic World Series games, I’m there. When the College World Series runs on ESPN, my eyes are glued to the television. I’ll even watch the Little League World Series.

But not my husband. He’ll watch the Cardinals with me, but often he flips the channel if I walk out of the room for a mere second. Any other team, he could care less. And he certainly doesn’t want to hear about the Dodgers right now, no matter how brilliant my analysis might be.

With the American League and National League set to crown their respective champions, I’m totally captivated by the remaining teams.

The Angels and the Yankees could be an exciting series; or not. It’s really going to depend on how the Angels play and if they let the mighty Yankees just steamroll over them. The Dodgers and Phillies could be a classic National League battle. Joe Torre is a master strategist, but the Phillies certainly don’t want to end their reign as champions.

As for my allegiance, I’m almost unbiased this year.


As a die-hard Cardinals fan, I don’t want to see the Angels win. Closer Brian Fuentes snubbed his nose at my team this past offseason when the Cardinals offered him a pretty sweet salary.

The Yankees are the reason that Major League Baseball needs a salary cap. Small market teams can’t compete for well-known free agents, especially if the Yankees are interested. The Bronx Bombers outprice everyone else and jolt ordinary, average players’ paychecks way too high.

And the Dodgers, well…two words: Manny Ramirez. Regardless of their ousting of the Cardinals, I don’t want Manny to get another ring. He disrespected the game. And himself.

That leaves the Phillies. I have nothing against them. And the bonus is slugger Ryan Howard. When in doubt, I’ll cheer on a hometown hero. It’s the closest St. Louis will get to the World Series this year anyway.

As for the Battle of the Remote, no problem. My husband can regulate himself to the small, non-HD television while I lounge on the couch shouting at the umpires as they continue to blow obvious calls.

That is a win-win situation.

Written by LS Murphy. Mrs. Murphy is an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan and is a consistent contributor to Cardinal’s Mix. She can also be followed on Twitter.

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