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Pudge ties Fisk’s record on same night Sosa is outed.

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The Houston Astros’ Ivan Rodriguez tied Carlton Fisk’s long-standing record of 2,226 games caught last night. Ironically, the historic game came against the Texas Rangers, the club with which Rodriguez spent 11 accolade-filled seasons with. He added an exclamation point to the event by clubbing a solo home run in the contest.

Oh, better days.

And now stops the Rodriguez admiration.

On what should have been a banner night for baseball and for himself, Rodriguez had to have been looking over his shoulder the whole time. Earlier in the day, fellow “glory days of baseball” star Sammy Sosa was outed in a New York Times report as a steroid user. Sosa is the latest in a laundry list to have his entire career sullied by steroid accusations.

Rodriguez’s own destruction is not far behind.

In what has to be considered the most shocking part of the whole steroids scandal, Jose Canseco has become the most honest person in all of baseball. Every player he’s implicated, be it verbally or through his books, has admitted to use or fallen victim to positive tests.

Rodriguez was fingered in Canseco’s 2004 book Juiced.

Add in that Rodriguez was teammates with known abusers Rafael Palmeiro, Juan Gonzalez, and Canseco himself, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. It’s only a matter of time before another legendary career is tarnished.


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