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Dodgers/Grooms/Grays/Atlantics/Playoff Botchers win 10,000!

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Two years ago, almost to the day, the Philadelphia Phillies became the first franchise in MLB history to lose 10,000 games. Everyone, from Pardon the Interruption to Peter Gammons, touted up the moment, turning it into a significant event in the sport’s history.

The truth is, it wasn’t. It was just another loss.

Well last night, the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise won its 10,000th game. Sure, it’s just another win, but it’s the 10,000th win in one of the game’s most storied and heralded franchise’s history. That’s gotta mean something.

But no one uttered a word about it.

Dodgers win #678.

Robinson. Koufax. Drysdale. Duke. Wills. Hershiser. Valenzuela. Lasorda. Scully.


With all the buzz being about Stephen Strasburg and the MLB First Year Player Draft, a truly awe-inspiring moment in Dodger’s franchise history went away with just a whimper. If you Google it, you’ll find nothing but a few message board posts and an article by a diligent L.A. Times blogger.

Google: Phillies 10,000 losses, and you’ll find a different result.

It’s a shame. Congratulations, Dodgers.

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