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Live blogging the 2009 MLB First Year Player Draft.

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I’ve been waiting for this moment for way too long.

I took the day off from work two weeks ago, notified my girlfriend I would be unavailable from 6 p.m. til at least 7, and preemptively bought tickets for a celebratory Riverdog’s game.

It’s draft day.

Besides San Diego State’s Stephen Strasburg and his 100 mph heater as first pick, this draft is completely up in the air. The field is relatively thin and almost completely pitcher dominated. I personally picture Dustin Ackley going second just because he is the best bat in the draft, but he could fall pretty low if teams decide to focus on pitching. From then on out, it’s a tossup peppered with guys I can’t wait to learn more about.

6:10 – I hate Bud Selig. He is singlehandedly responsible for the downfall of baseball’s integrity. Everything he says oozes of sliminess.

6:11 – Washington’s on the clock! And it begins!

6:15 – STRASBURG! 13-1, 1.32 ERA, and 195 SO in 109 IP has to be drafted as the #1 pick no matter what signability issues may linger. I’m hoping that Strasburg’s signing doesn’t pose any problems and we see him in a National’s uniform before year’s end, a la Dave Winfield.

Strasburg goes #1.

6:20 – And there goes North Carolina’s Ackley. That makes me 2 for 2, along with millions of others following along. GM Zduriencik has done a good job of restoring some of Seattle’s credibility the last couple years. Beyond here, I’m not sure where anyone’s going to go.

Ackley goes #2.

6:25 – The Padre’s pick is Donovan Tate. I half expected them to botch this thing completely and screw up as usual, but it looks like they probably did the right thing here. He’s a natural athlete, most likely the best bat left in the draft, and completely signable.

Tate goes #3.

6:29 – And the Pirate’s pick is…Tony Sanchez, a catcher from Boston College. Pirate’s fans are probably pissed off right now, seeing as how they should have signed Matt Wieters two years ago and could have gotten a solid arm with this pick.

Sanchez goes #4.

6:34 – And Baltimore fans are scratching their heads. Matt Hobgood, a right-handed high school pitcher out of California, goes #5 after being projected by as the 22nd pick. I’ve never heard of him, but from the video, he’s got a nasty looking slider.

Hobgood goes #5.

6:38 – “And with the sixth pick of the nineteen ni…” the Giant’s take Zack Wheeler. The Giants have been really successful grooming pitchers recently, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him doing well soon.

Wheeler goes #6.

6:43 – Like usual, the Atlanta Braves decide to go after a pitcher with their first pick. Mike Minor is a product of Vanderbilt, is a lefty, and is supposedly pretty polished. Sounds like a good pick to me. I’m still waiting for them to draft C of C’s Jesse Simpson in the later rounds.

Minor goes #7.

6:49 – The Reds pick is Mike Leak.

6:53 – Jacob Turner goes to the Tigers.

6:58 – #10 and the National’s #2 pick is Drew Storen, a righty.

7:00 – Off to the game!


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