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Padre’s Wilson’s sweet revenge gone awry.

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Earlier this year, then-Diamondbacks shortstop Josh Wilson pitched a scoreless inning for the team in a 13-5 blowout against the Cincinnati Reds.

Just a couple days after the performance, Wilson was DFA’ed (Designated For Assignment) when full-time SS Stephen Drew came off the DL.

He latched on with the San Diego Padres.

A man of many hats.

Last night, in an 18-inning barn burner between his new team and his old team, Wilson took the mound. Things were going great for Wilson, who got two quick outs before getting D’Back’s third baseman Mark Reynolds to an 0-2 count.

Then Wilson got overzealous. Instead of throwing straight, out-of-the-zone fastballs, which the K-King Reynolds will eventually swing at, Wilson started experimenting. A breaking ball here. A changeup there. The count quickly moved to 3-2.

The next pitch was a middle-in fastball that Reynolds took to the opposite field bleachers, ending the game 9-6 in 18 long innings.

Sorry, Josh. At this rate, you’ll get ’em next time.


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