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Oriole’s Matt Wieters to make MLB debut tonight, history resets.

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It’s been a while since Oriole’s fans have experienced a little thing called hope.

They’ll feel it tonight when their #1 prospect, switch-hitting catcher Matt Wieters, debuts against the Detroit Tigers.

Wieters has been hyped as the savior of the Oriole’s franchise since he was drafted as the fifth overall pick in 2007. He has done nothing but deliver on that promise, winning Baseball America‘s Minor League Player of the Year award in his lone professional season. Wieters shows above-average plate discipline (.355 average in 130 games in 2008) and above-average power (27 homers, 91 RBI in 2008). He calls a good game behind the plate and threw out 46 percent of baserunners last season. If you’ve ever been to a minor league game, you’ll know that’s an absolutely ridiculous success rate for a rookie catcher. This year, Wieters spent time with the AAA Norfolk Tides, where he batted .305 with five homers and 30 RBI.

Those are the well-known Wieters’ facts. Here are some lesser-known, though important, facts to know before he makes his season debut:

  • Matt Wieters is only a switch-hitter because the league will not allow him to hit backwards with his hands tied behind his back.
  • Brian Roberts will ride Matt Wieters to victory in next year’s Preakness.
  • Matt Wieters doesn’t take pitches, he shows them mercy.
  • When Matt Wieters is hungry, he snacks on batting donuts.

This is outta hand.

For up-to-the-minute updates on God’s return to Earth, check out Frost King’s Oriole’s blog.

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