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Grab yourself a 6-pack of Coors, Hurdle. You’re fired.

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Clint Hurdle’s going to be fired within the week.

Before the Rockies just lost three-in-a-row against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Hurdle was already on the hotseat. The latest sweep leaves the club at a dismal 18-28 and has players privately speculating he won’t make it through the weekend. If the move happens, I would expect it to happen before the end of today or on Monday when the team heads to Houston.

There is a rumor that Hurdle will have the chance to lead the club through the team’s next series against the San Diego Padres. Apparently, management wants to make sure that Hurdle can manage against a usually-miserable opponent and therefore maintain the team’s recent status-quo, another lackluster season.

Bye, Clint!

I feel a little bad for Hurdle; it’s really hard to forget the team’s wondrous and inspiring run in 2007. A part of me believes that the team’s failure isn’t so much a product of bad managing as it is of a team that simply hasn’t living up to its billing.

The team’s ace, lefty Jeff Francis, went down for the season with a shoulder injury before even throwing a pitch in 2009. Taylor Buccholz, the bullpen’s saving grace last season, missed the first part of the season and will be out for a bit longer following elbow surgery.

The rest of the roster has also disappeared though. Third baseman Garrett Atkins and shortstop Troy Tulowitzki have been completely miserable as middle-of-the-order bats. Atkins, the team’s “power,” is hovering near the Mendoza line and has a measly three dingers while Tulowitzki is batting .079 with runners in scoring position (3-38). Huston Street has done an able job as closer, but Manny Corpas and the rest of the bullpen has been wretched.

Hurdle’s failure to utilize players like utilityman Ian Stewart and outfielder Ryan Spillborghs could ultimately spell his undoing. There’s also mutterings that players are simply no longer responding to his style of managing.

It’s only a matter of time before the clamoring rings true…

It’s a good day for firing.

UPDATE: Sure enough, Hurdle was fired at 3:30 p.m. eastern time today!

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