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Clay Zavada has nice ‘stache and steals my thunder.

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I pride myself on not recycling news or news that can be found in any old media outlet. Blogging About Baseball finds the little tidbits, the things that you wouldn’t usually notice, dissects them, and hopefully opens your eyes to a new facet of the game, however simple it may be.

I’ve had a “Seasonal ‘Staches” section at Blogging About Baseball since its inception. Rick Ankiel’s soup strainer brought the section about, and it was such a hit that I decided to keep adding to it. You can see all the updates on the sidebar over there →.

This morning, I was pretty hurt when I found out had a feature on someone’s mustache I’d been keeping tabs on, but hadn’t been able to find pictures of yet (he made his season debut on May 21). Due to my inability to get to Arizona for a picture of a stupid mustache, I lost out on a breaking story., you can have your Giambis, your Boggs, and your Fingers, but please, please, leave me the Clay Zavadas!

Without further ado and little fanfare, I present to you the best mustache in baseball, Clay Zavada of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It's so small, but at the same time so beautiful.


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