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Steals of home are not-so-subtle play of one-upmanship.

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There’s been a lot of steals of home recently.

First, Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury did it on my sister’s birthday, April 26. Then Philadelphia’s Jayson Werth proved he had the guts to do it by stealing second, third, and home on May 12. Last night, San Francisco’s Aaron Rowand added his own as part of a double steal against the Braves.

You'll be out next time.

Managers around the league have players running roughshod on the bases this year. Stealing home has never been as popular in recent memory and, in my opinion, it’s a manager’s way of proving, “Hey, we can do that, too.”

Why else would managers around the league be sending their runners into almost-certain outs? While San Francisco needs to manufacture runs, Boston and Philly certainly don’t.

It’ll backfire soon. Just wait.


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