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The most cycles in a season record is looking over its shoulder.

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The most cycles hit in a season is eight. The record was established in 1933.

This year, MLB players have already hit for four cycles.

First, it was the Dodger’s Orlando Hudson on April 13. Then it was Texas’ Ian Kinsler two days later. Two days after him, the Twin’s Jason Kubel completed the feat. Last night, Kubel’s teammate Michael Cuddyer did it, too.

Cuddyer completes the cycle (not really, this is a stolen picture).

We’ve seen an increased amount of grand slams. We’ve seen an inordinate amount of position players pitching. Why not set the most cycles in a year record, too?

Last year, the fourth cycle wasn’t hit until September 1 when Seattle’s Adrian Beltre and Arizona’s Stephen Drew did it on the same day. In 2007, there wasn’t a fourth cycle. In 2006, when there were five, no one even got one until June 21.

2009 is playing out a lot like 1933. That year, cycles came in bunches. That August, there were four. This April, there were three cycles within the course of one week. In 1933, the rest of the record-breaking cycles occurred intermittently, with one here, one there. Cuddyer’s out-of-nowhere cycle fits the bill perfectly.

Your cycles record! Brought to you by!

There is four months left to hit four more cycles. Will it happen?

I am prediciting that the Dodger’s Orlando Hudson will be the next player to hit for the cycle. It will be his second of the year and will be in one week from today.

:Crosses fingers:


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