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Steve Phillips is bitter.

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During Tuesday’s Mets/Giants broadcast, ESPN announcer Steve Phillips decided it was Let’s-Rip-Carlos-Beltran-A-New-One Day. For about a half hour, the former Met’s general manager harked on about Beltran’s inability to hit in the clutch and the postseason, his inability to lead, and his non-killer instinct.

He capped it off with, “I see Reyes and Wright as part of the Met’s core, but I think the Mets need to address the $17 million invested in Carlos Beltran.”


Really? Steve, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this isn’t 2005. Beltran’s a little better now and a heck of a deal…

How easy is it going to be to replace 30 homeruns, 100 runs, and 110 RBI a year? How easy is it going to be to replace those three consecutive Gold Glove awards?

Let’s find someone just as productive as Beltran. Over the last eight years, Beltran has driven in 100 runs seven times and he’s scored 100 runs six times while playing stellar defense. After punching some numbers into my handy dandy calculator, I come up with…

Albert Pujols.

Okay so that’s not possible, but it gives you an idea of the level Beltran has been playing at for the past decade.  Finding someone as consistent as Beltran is literally impossible. If you take 2005 out of the equation, Beltran is one of the top five most well-rounded players in the game. In addition, he plays most of the Met’s games, missing just a handful each year (last year, he missed one).

You are #1.

Let me remind you that the Met’s farm system isn’t exactly burgeoning with budding superstar replacements, Steve. There is Fernando Martinez, but he’s injured and his stock among scouts is lowering by the day. He’s got potential but as of right now, he doesn’t have superstar potential. The organization’s minor league system is ranked 17th among the 30 clubs.

There was that guy Jason Bay who you traded away. He could have done a nice job or at least been good trade bait. If Met’s pitching wasn’t so horrible maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing all of Beltran’s stats. Hmm, if only the Met’s had a couple good pitchers like Jason Isringhausen and A.J. Burnett. What’s that? They did? You traded them?

There’s been a lot said about Beltran’s leadership ability. He’s not verbal. He doesn’t have killer instinct. Still, he swings the bat like a leader and carries the team through the season. He may not have been great during the playoff runs the last couple years, but it takes a real team effort to fail like the Met’s have in those situations.

Steve, give me a viable alternative. Until then, lay off, you bitter ex-GM who wishes he was playing for you.


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