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And another position player pitches!

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If this blog gets noticed for one thing, it’s going to be my record keeping of every position player that pitches in 2008.

Even though I’ve had trouble finding concrete year-to-year information on position players pitching, I feel like we’re well on our way to having an anomaly of a year. And I feel like I’m the only one that’s noticing it…

Last night, Diamondback’s utility infielder Josh Wilson pitched a scoreless ninth inning in a game the Diamondbacks eventually lost to the Reds 13-5. Wilson induced a popup to third baseman Adam Rosales and after walking a batter, inititated a double play.

He's happy to have made it through.

This wasn’t Wilson’s first time on the hill; in 2007 he pitched a shutout frame for the Rays.

Unfortunately, as one of the first people to usually catch these things, there isn’t usually a lot of media unless it comes from And since they’ve got some kind of high-tech super protection, the best I can do is link to the video. Enjoy!

Wilson is the fourth position pitcher to pitch in baseball’s first two months.


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