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Strasburg throws first no-hitter, officially reaches phenom status.

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San Diego State’s Stephen Strasburg is good. Very good.

He has a 23 strikeout game under his belt. He pitched and dominated for the U.S. Olympic team as an amateur. And to top it off, he threw his first no-hitter yesterday.

The consensus No. 1 pick of the Washington Nationals in this year’s MLB draft, Strasburg struck out 17 Air Force batters on his way to the career milestone.Stephen Strasburg is going to beat you.

Strasburg’s rise to stardom has been swift and fast. As little as three years ago, he was a chubby high schooler struggling to reach 90 on the radar gun. With the guidance of strength and conditioning coaches and SDSU manager Tony Gwynn, the 6’2″ righty got his weight under control. As he shed the pounds, he gained velocity.

Today, his fastball is legendary.

He’s been clocked at 103 mph. Only Detroit’s Joel Zumaya has ever been clocked higher. His catcher, Erik Castro, has had his glove’s leather ripped on more than one occasion. According to lore, a crossup on a fastball means more than a bruise, it means life or death.

Scouts say that Strasburg doesn’t need to go to the minor leagues; that he’s major league ready at 20-years-old. He’s already being compared to Roger Clemens in his prime, justifiably earned by his outright domination of college competition: 11-0, 1.24 ERA, 164K’s in 87.1 IP.

There is a possibility that we will see Stephen Strasburg facing MLB hitters by the end of this year. Here’s his scouting report so you’ll be ready.

Fastball: Has been clocked as high as 103 mph, but it routinely sits at 96-98.

Curveball: The pitch is actually a slider/curve hybrid. It comes in at 86-88 mph, and when paired with the fastball it’s a true knee-buckler.

Changeup: Thrown just a few times a game, he’ll have to develop it to get major leaguers out.


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