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Riverdog’s Pat Venditte is good.

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I didn’t stay as sober as I was hoping to at Thursday’s Charleston Riverdog’s game. The $1.00 beers, the midget wrestling, the beautiful weather, the seats behind home plate; all of it was conducive to drinking.

To my family: I'm not a Yankee's fan yet.

I do remember some things, though.

Walking into the stadium, the lineup board showed me that the Asheville Tourists were going to be trotting out lefty prospect Christian Friedrich. When I got to my seat, however, I found out the bastards were lying. Instead, righty Dan Houston was on the mound for Asheville and Hector Noesi pitched for the Dogs. Both starters were removed with two outs in the fourth with the scored knotted at 0-0. Each gave up less than five hits each, walked a handful, and struck out a few. It was a solid starting pitching performance, albeit not economical.

From there on out, the bullpens shined. The Riverdogs didn’t give up a run until the 9th inning when Asheville scored on a hard hit single by catcher Beau Seabury.

The Tourists’ bullpen was just as good though, limiting the Riverdogs to just three hits in the final four innings. But with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Riverdog’s rightfielder Melky Mesa crushed a ball to left, tying the game in Charleston’s last chance.

That’s where things start to get sketchy. I maintain that it was the excitement of the comeback that made me blackout.

I remember seeing Riverdog’s switch pitcher Pat Venditte take the mound. I remember thinking how strange it was that he was warming up both lefty and righty. I remember thinking that this is an awesome moment in my baseball watching life. That this is my own little history.

Then I remember very little.

Venditte got the win, pitching two scoreless. The Riverdog’s somehow won on a walkoff something in the bottom of the 11th (I seriously have no idea how they won).

Strange days...When a guy pitches both left and right...

But that’s not where this strange tale ends. This is my girlfriend Katlyn taking shots from a professional midget wrestler:

She's going to be pissed about this.


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  1. […] I was disappointed when I learned that Hector Noesi would take the mound for the Riverdog’s last Thursday. I hadn’t been keeping my eye on him like I had Andrew Brackman, D.J. Mitchell or […]

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