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I can accept steroids, but pitch tipping? Hell no.

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Everyone did/does steroids. I’ve come to accept that.

But something everyone doesn’t do is tip pitches.

It’s a scummy practice that denigrates the honesty and quality of baseball.

Major League Baseball is expanding its investigation into the recent Alex Rodriguez steroid allegations to also include his role in pitch tipping. It is alleged that the one-time Texas Ranger’s superstar would signal opposing batters in blow out wins, flashing a different sign for fastball, breaking ball, and the like. The expectation was that the opposing batter would then repay the favor for Rodriguez.


Texas Ranger’s third baseman Michael Young said he never noticed the ploy, but if it was occurring, it would be “10 times worse than steroids.”

Now, I fully expect that this will never be proven. Unless Selena “That Woman” Roberts can provide enough video evidence to get the slugger indicted, he will most likely get off with nothing more than just another slap on the wrist.

If it is proven, I want Rodriguez out of baseball. Yeah, it’s dramatic. Yeah, it’s a hasty punishment. But if Pete Rose can’t make it to the Hall of Fame for making bets that his team would win, then A-Rod shouldn’t make the Hall for ballooning his own teammate’s ERAs.

Either way, the asshole’s reputation is further tarnished.

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