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Get well soon Jerry.

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For a large part of my life, the Boston Red Sox’s Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo were the only announcing team I knew.

And I loved it.

I’d never really laughed at a baseball broadcast, but with Remy and Orsillo at the helm, it was a different story. Remy’s outlandishness matched with Orsillo’s nasal, uncontrollable laughter, sent me in to stitches on more than one occasion. They also called a damn good ballgame, never becoming truly subjective or biased.

They found the unnoticed parts of the game: a fan throwing pizza at another fan, an ugly baby, a bobblehead that looked nothing like the honored player. They found anything hilarious and exploited it until there was nothing left.

So I was upset to find out that Jerry Remy isn’t going to be in the booth for a while. The scrappy former Red Sox infielder is dealing with complications from lung cancer, which was brought on from years of cigarette smoking.

Broadcasts won’t be the same.

Get well soon.

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  1. […] First, long-time Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy went on an indefinite hiatus to recover from cancer. […]

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