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News flash: Yankee’s fans are hard to please!

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In the ninth inning of last night’s loss to the rival Boston Red Sox, New York Yankee’s fans chanted “We want Torre.” It was a clear message to the Steinbrenners: the Joe Girardi experiment is done.

Well you can't have him!

The loss marks the first time that the Yankees have dropped to 0-5 against the Red Sox to start a season since 1985. That year, the legendary Yogi Berra was ousted from his managerial position after just 16 short games. Berra’s Bombers started the year 6-10. Girardi’s Yankees started 9-7 through the same period and currently sit at 13-13.

The Yankee’s front office has recently shown more patience with their managers than in years past so Girardi will have a longer leash before his head is really on a platter. As always, Yankee’s fans are not as forgiving and will continue to make Girardi’s existence a living nightmare.

Many of the Yankee’s problems can be blamed on an unpredictable starting rotation and a faulty bullpen. The Yankee’s pitching staff owns a 5.86 ERA, best exemplified by former-ace Chien Ming Wang’s 34.50 ERA.

The Yankee’s have no obvious choices for replacements either. The only guy on their coaching staff who I can see taking the reigns if Girardi is actually fired is bench coach Tony Pena. Pena spent parts of four hilariously awful seasons coaching the Kansas City Royals a couple years ago.


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  1. I don’t understand why Girardi keeps bringing in his “son” Clippard into these games for him to blow it. Maybe not his son but must be a relative why else would you keep bringing in a guy that has completely lost it and as a result you are dropping 8 out of the last 10 games. Does Clippard have pictures or something, I don’t understand the compulsion to bring in a guy in a close game that you know has lost the plate. Send him down to find himself. This is the not the place to “experiment” You’re killing the season Girardi wake up and let go of him until he straigtens out.


    June 28, 2017 at 10:50 am

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