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Most amazing catch I’ve ever seen in person.

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About two months ago, I went to the worst baseball game I’ve ever seen.

It was a true abashment to the game.

It was the College of Charleston versus Quinnipiac at Patriot’s Point Stadium in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Quinnipiac pitchers hit 10 Charleston batters. Two Charleston batters drove in five each. Everybody but two pinch hitters had at least one RBI. The final score was Charleston 30, Quinnipiac 10. It was disgusting and atrocious, a monstrosity that disfigured the beauty of baseball.

Out of the darkness of such a game, there was a highlight: I saw the most amazing and most unforgettable catch I’ve ever witnessed. I remember getting home and telling my girlfriend exactly that. She didn’t understand why I was on cloud nine.

I never thought I would see the catch again. There was only a small crowd on hand and none of them seemed to have video cameras.

Well, I was wrong.

I don’t have any idea how I found this today, but apparently the catch was ESPN’s #1 Play of the Day for March 10, 2009.


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