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With this post, I lose some credibility. I am one step closer to being the Perez Hilton of baseball (except not gay, pink haired, or totally useless) and one step farther from being Peter Gammons.

But here it is: Joba Chamberlain’s mother, Jacqueline Standley, 44, was arrested for selling methamphetamine to an undercover cop yesterday.

Jacqueline Standley was arrested for selling meth.

This is the latest debacle in the New York Yankee’s pitcher’s personal life. Earlier this year, Chamberlain was sentenced to nine months probation following a DUI arrest. His mother is currently being jailed in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I’m sorry but it was too hard to pass up. How often am I going to be able to incorporate “mother,” “methamphetamine,” “baseball,” and “arrest,” in the same story?


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