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What is going on with Marco Scutaro?

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I’ve owned Toronto’s Marco Scutaro in some form or another for the past three years of fantasy baseball.

One of my infielders goes down with an injury? Scutaro. There’s a guy who’s on a nasty hot streak, albeit usually just in average and runs? It’s probably Scutaro. The guy’s not as much an asset in fantasy as he is in real life, but he somehow always ends up having some kind of value for me.

This Scutaro's on fire.

So when I found out he was the 28th best ranked player in Yahoo, I was shocked.

He has 5 homeruns. His career high is 9. He has 15 RBI. In 145 games last year, he had 60. He’s scored 24 runs, nearly one-half his yearly career average. He’s already walked 22 times, enough to safely assume he’ll shatter his career best of 57.

What is this new Super Scutaro? Is he a budding superstar? And why is he rewarding all these new followers?

And with this post, so ends Toronto Blue Jay’s day here at Blogging About Baseball.


Written by dylansharek

May 2, 2009 at 12:09 am

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