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There’s a difference between eccentric and crazy.

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And the Washington National’s Julian Tavarez is really on the razor’s edge.

The National’s new closer is best known for his antics with the Boston Red Sox. This resume includes: pointing at each base as if to guide his infielder’s throws, rolling the ball to first base for an out, and for his man-love with Manny Ramirez.



According to this blog, Tavarez is an ideal choice for closer because he’s “on the excitable side” and “an absolute bulldog.” Those adjectives remind me of players such as Joba Chamberlain, Jonathan Papelbon, and the like.

After watching Tavarez pitch for the past couple seasons, all I can tell you is yes, he’s on the excitable side. And yes, he’s a bulldog. He’s excited when he finally gets an out and he’s a bulldog for pitching through tremendous self-created jams. Putting this guy in valuable game situations makes me actually believe that the National’s management team is the crazy one.

Here’s to LHP Joe Beimel closing games out in a week.


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