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Your bullpens suck. Let these guys pitch.

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If there’s two teams that started off hot but are now struggling due to faltering bullpens, it’s certainly the New York Yankees and Florida Marlins.

It’s a good thing they have help within the organization…

The Yank's new LOOGY.The Marlin's new closer!











For those of you who didn’t know, the Marlin’s Cody Ross came in during the ninth inning yesterday and shut down the Phillies, retiring the dangerous Ryan Howard on a lazy fly ball that the inept Florida defense barely caught. At this point, he’s a better option than 3/4 of the Florida bullpen.

It’s hard to recall another year when this many position players have pitched this early in the season.


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  3. […] of the Yankee’s problems can be blamed on an unpredictable starting rotation and a faulty bullpen. The Yankee’s pitching staff owns a 5.86 ERA, best exemplified by former-ace Chien Ming […]

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