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This is where I’ll be tonight.

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Too excited for minor league ball...

For the past couple summers, I’ve been spoiled. I’ve lived right down the street from the Newport Gulls, the summer team that Rockie’s catcher Chris Iannetta and Cardinal’s pitcher Mitchell Boggs came from, and less than half an hour from the Pawtucket Red Sox, the AAA Sox affiliate where countless stars are created and shaped and rehabbed.

Since moving to Charleston, I’ve been taking in live baseball with the College of Charleston Cougars. For a college team, they’re pretty damn good. But what I’ve really been waiting for is a chance to go to the Charleston Riverdogs.

I’ve been here for seven months. Almost every week, someone asks me, “Have you been to a Riverdog’s game yet?” like I’m a high-schooler who’s missed out on the hottest Saturday party.

They’re owned by Mike Veeck, the son of former White Sox, Browns, Brewers and Indian’s owner Bill Veeck.

Disco demolition night. A midget at bat. The exploding scoreboard.

This is going to be awesome.


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