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Keith Olbermann continues to be cool.

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I don’t know why it is, but it seems like political writers and analysts love baseball. There’s George F. Will who wrote Men at Work, an intricate and awesome baseball book even if it does get longwinded at times. There’s Sam Walker who spent a ton of time as a congressional correspondent and later went on to write the highly, highly, highly, highly recommended book Fantasyland.

And then there’s Keith Olbermann.

Ben Stein's bastard child.

Olbermann is a different breed. Olbermann is a complete baseball fan. He can’t tell you what move Tony LaRussa made in the seventh inning of a game against the California Angels in May of 1987 as Will can freakishly recall, nor can he tell you how to win a fantasy baseball league like Walker.

Olbermann is somewhat normal. He can talk baseball. He can talk arm slots. He can talk prospects. He can talk Topps and Upper Deck. He can talk stadiums. He’s a baseball nerd’s nerd without over-doing it and being inaccessible.

Here’s his MLB blog

As an extra cool thing, Olbermann is donating all of his salary to charity.


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