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News flash: The United States is in a recession! Baseball attendance down!

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The fact that baseball attendance is down 6.9 percent from last year’s opening two weeks doesn’t really mean much to me. I mean, wasn’t last year a great year for baseball attendance? And the one before that?

Since pretty much everything in the world is sucking the big one right now economically, it’s no big surprise that people don’t want to shell out the big bucks to go to an MLB baseball game where they then gouge you on concessions, parking, souvenirs, and the like.

I bet the National’s are feeling like shit right now given that they have a new stadium and should have a lot of fucking fans given where they play. And while I don’t hate the Yankees, I would really love it if we saw more of this after the signing stunts they pulled this offseason:

Attendance is down and I don't have any money. Surprise!

The best part about this report is that “Bud” Selig is pretty indifferent about the situation, stating that he’s “pleased” with attendance. Is it possible to impeach the commissioner of baseball? I’m pretty sure this P.O.S. deserves it.

Written by dylansharek

April 21, 2009 at 11:26 am

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