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They’re feeling hot, hot, hot.

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Fantasy baseball is just as long a grind as the real baseball season. For all 162 games, us suckers are hanging on every at-bat, every pitch even.

So I’ll try to keep you updated on guys who are performing above their heads, on guys who are poised for a breakout, on guys who can help your team win now. The best part is, I’ll make sure they’re actually available in the majority of leagues.

54 percent of leagues: It’s scary to me that Texas’ Kevin Millwood is the #6 ranked pitcher on Yahoo! I know he’s going to implode soon, but I can’t help but ride this bit of nostalgia while it lasts. But on the flip side, according to some analysts Millwood’s curve is better this year than ever before. At the end of the year, will we be partying like this is Millwood’s 1999 season?

So that's how he throws it.

53 percent of leagues: Tampa Bay’s shortstop Jason Bartlett is absolutely murdering AL pitching this week. And in a lineup with a healthy “Bossman Junior” Upton and a Carl Crawford who isn’t on the bad side of one of his streaks, he’s in line for a good season. Over the last six games, Bartlett went 9-19 and brought his AL shortstop leading average up to .429.

Jason Bartlett.

21 percent of leagues: Sure Endy Chavez has about as much pop as Ozzy Osbourne, but he’s producing in a big way in Seattle right now. He’s barely owned but with a line of .392/5/1/7 with 4 SBs, he’s a perfect addition to a lineup looking for speed and average. Right now, he’s performing at an Ichiro level for Byung-hyung Kim money.

Yeah, he got a hold of that one too.

7 percent of leagues: The Marlin’s Cody Ross has hit homers in 3 of the last 5 games. Considering he hit 22 dingers last year and that he’s still developing, I’ll definitely take a chance on this hot streak.

Seriously, this picture was called "All Cody Ross ever hits is homers."

Other guys who I’ll mention even though they’re probably gone: the Tiger’s Brandon Inge and Rick Porcello, the A’s Trevor Cahill and Brett Anderson, the Blue Jay’s Travis Snider, and the Marlin’s Mike Jacobs.

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