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Here comes the Man(n)!

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The Washington Nationals suck.

Jordan Zimmermann doesn’t.

Put two and two together and hopefully you have more than 1-10.

I’m not hopeful given the National’s disastrous (and honestly I don’t know if that’s apocalyptic enough) start to the season, but the big righty could be exactly what the doctor ordered in DC. He’ll start today against Derek Lowe and the Atlanta Braves.

He’s only 22 years old, but Zimmermann looks like a grizzled vet. According to scouts, he pitches like one too:

The Man(n) pitches.

  • Fastball: 90-94 mph, occasionally touches 95.
  • 2-Seamer: 90 mph.
  • Slider: 84-87 mph, but the Nat’s are asking him to throw it less.
  • Curve: 75-78, power curve style.
  • Changeup: Work in progress.

National’s fans rejoice, your savior is here. Here’s to playing sub-.300 baseball!

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