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Wang the Fuck?

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Through three starts, the New York Yankee’s Chien Ming Wang’s ERA is sitting pretty at 34.50. He has absolutely been murdered in all of his outings, most recently giving up 8 earned runs through 1.1 innings against the lowly Cleveland Indians.

As an owner of Wang in one of my fantasy baseball leagues, I’m a little dismayed. He was one of baseball’s winningest pitchers up until his injury last year, and I expected much of the same this year. Obviously that’s not what I’m getting. I think I’m getting something more like this:

Wang's a fairy.

Is this recent string of horrid outings mental? Or is there something physically wrong with the Yankee’s semi-ace? He didn’t pitch all that poorly during Spring Training and from what I can tell, the injury isn’t altering his mechanics all that much.

I, for one, am I going to stick with the lanky sinkerballer and hope he pulls through it. Or I’ll drop him once they send his ass to AAA.

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  1. […] of the Yankee’s problems can be blamed on an unpredictable starting rotation and a faulty bullpen. The Yankee’s pitching staff owns a 5.86 ERA, best exemplified by […]

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